The BUDDHO feeling starts at your first training.
In the gym everyone is equal, no matter where you come from and who you are.
Our goal is to inspire and motivate you to reach your goals and to become the best of yourself.

Take a trial lesson

Come along for a trial lesson. Look at the timetable for the possibilities. In principle you can participate in every training, but please let us know when you will come. See You!

Hesitation Package

Everyone can start at BUDDHO! But if you are still hesitating to join the group lessons, this package may be something for you. With our hesitation package we can offer you a 3-hour speed course in boxing and kickboxing. Together with an experienced trainer you will work on the basics and your specific goals. In addition you will receive a one-month free training for only €150,-. Start your membership in full confidence today! Only available combined with the membership.

Workshop Self Defence

On Sunday 10 March we will give a 2-hour introduction training self-defense and resilience. In this workshop – given by Lauw – we will discuss many factors that play a role in dealing with (potential) violence. The workshop is also accessible to anyone without a martial arts background. For €5,- you can participate. For more information or registration please contact us.